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The future is bright.


Radiant optimizes business culture, leadership, and resilience through enterprise programs, team engagements, and individual coaching.  We enable ‘whole’ system change by aligning business goals, mission, values, behaviours, structure, and leadership required to implement business strategy and execute change across an organization.

Build a healthy and high-performing culture.

Culture amplifies everything. A healthy culture boosts performance — an unhealthy one hinders it. Leverage Radiant to help you achieve a culture that unleashes potential and ultimately brings joy to the organization.


Build strength through flexibility.

Corporate resilience has never been more important. The last few years have brought tremendous change to where we work, how we work, and how we lead. Radiant can help your organization build new strategies, adapt and adopt work skills, and find ways to sustain corporate health through uncertain times.


Lead with confidence.

A thriving work environment begins with resilient leadership. Successful leaders are skilled navigators who can lead through uncertainty and transformative change. They are team builders, problem solvers, and organizational visionaries. Radiant will develop your people’s leadership skills and hone their ability to read the road ahead, elevate your workforce, and hit your business goals.



It is easy to endorse the work of Radiant. The Radiant team has developed strong internal relationships with employees and leaders which has resulted in customized talent development solutions that fit our culture and organization.

Chief Executive Officer & Registrar

We serve a broad spectrum of clients ranging from not-for-profit to government to national and global private sector companies. Radiant's depth and breadth of experience benefits every business and the lives within them.


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