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Diversity and Inclusion.


Having a strong Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy is something we take very seriously for a couple of reasons. People cannot do their best work if they feel like they cannot be 100% who they are at work. We are dedicated to being an inclusive workplace. In order to attract and retain the best talent, and to be magnetic to the most diverse and inclusive clients, you need to be completely open to diversity. We know the best talent is diverse talent; the best cultures are inclusive cultures; and we are committed to the leadership growth of passionate and purpose-driven people and providing an inclusive space for them to succeed.


We take an inclusive leadership approach to all of our activities. We appreciate diversity, invite and welcome everyone’s individual contribution, and encourage full engagement in the processes of decision-making and shaping our collective reality. As an organization and team, we follows five key guidelines in our work:  

  • The acknowledgement and value of everybody’s inherent worth 

  • An approach based on human rights 

  • Awareness of interconnection 

  • The role of power in inclusive leadership 

  • Courage to share and take responsibility 

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