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Strengthening corporate resilience has never been more important.

The world needs leaders poised to handle anything that comes their way. We’ll work with you to build methods and strategies that will allow you to flourish through social, cultural, and economic change.

Improve employee wellbeing.

Resilience skills directly benefit an employees’ psychological and physical wellbeing by helping them identify and overcome work-related stress. Healthy, happy employees are more likely to be culturally aligned, engaged, and able to hit business goals.

Work with purpose.

Resilience development invokes passion and perseverance in people, enabling them to accomplish their long-term goals.  They manage unexpected disruptions, maintain high performance, and are able to thrive and grow.

Ready for tomorrow.






Succeed in uncertain times.

Organizations are adapting to an unprecedented rate of change and addressing increasing stress in the workplace. They need to be prepared to manage a dramatic increase in volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity as a daily reality. Increase your capacity to bounce back; to adapt positively, and in doing so, cultivate a thriving workforce and achieve organizational high-performance.


Turn resistance into persistence.

Successful change is one of the most common challenges that today’s organizations face. The world is fast-evolving, and the strategic imperative to change is clear: if companies don’t adapt and do things differently, they are unlikely to succeed – or last. Develop the tools and know-how to guide your organization to successful outcomes that change can realize in your business.


Opportunity for everyone.

The best decisions come when we make space at the table for a diversity of perspectives. Organizations today must delve beyond a programmatic diversity and inclusion approach, into the barriers to equity that exist in our corporate cultures. Take a whole-systems approach to creating awareness and action, and understand the role diversity plays in creating future-proofed organizations.


Shape the future.

Strategic planning focuses our attention on the crucial issues and challenges that our organizations face today. Help your key decision makers chart a course toward a sustainable, radiant future for your line of business, department, or organization.

Our Services

Lead with Insight.

Our team assesses your current state to surface strengths, opportunities, and challenges using a collective, data-driven, context-based approach.

Interpret the data.

We actively combine inputs from your diverse range of perspectives to surface thoughtful insights that challenge the status-quo.

Design for action.

Your people and teams are unique. We collaborate with you to create an action plan focused on a future outcome that is feasible and impactful for your organization.

Implement for lasting change.

We educate your organization through facilitation, real-work applications, and measured outcomes to level-up and enact your strategies, improve your knowledge and ensure lasting results.

The Radiant Method

Radiant has a fulsome team of coaches with diverse talents and tools to support organizations through various stages of change and maturation.

Office of Integration & VP, Business Development

We serve a broad spectrum of clients ranging from not-for-profit to government to national and global private sector companies. Radiant's depth and breadth of experience benefits every business and the lives within them.


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