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Be desirable.

Company culture is a core part of the brand you create for your business. It impacts how you hire talent and the type of talent you attract. Companies with a well-defined corporate culture are often recognized as better places to work—making them known amongst prospective employees.

Help your people find joy.

Give your corporate culture a health check to make sure you are nurturing a supportive work environment where people feel valued. Those that feel valued are less likely to leave and thrive in their roles.

Increase employee engagement and performance.

Learn how to motivate and inspire employees to be more engaged in their work, duties, and interactions with others. High workplace engagement drives performance and helps maintain a healthy culture.

Culture is everything.

Lead with Insight.

Our team assesses your current state to surface strengths, opportunities, and challenges using a collective, data-driven, context-based approach.

Interpret the data.

We actively combine inputs from your diverse range of perspectives to surface thoughtful insights that challenge the status-quo.

Design for action.

Your people and teams are unique. We collaborate with you to create an action plan focused on a future outcome that is feasible and impactful for your organization.

Implement for lasting change.

We educate your organization through facilitation, real-work applications, and measured outcomes to level-up and enact your strategies, improve your knowledge and ensure lasting results.

The Radiant Method





A culture that listens, prospers.

When employees’ ideas are acknowledged and feedback is taken seriously, it improves their confidence and level of engagement. Our organizational culture assessment enables your people to paint an accurate picture of the culture-state in your business. Employees with input are naturally more invested in their work, the company—and its long-term prosperity.

Be strategic.

Identify issues that link culture to business priorities and performance. Ensure the sustainability of culture-shaping work through meaningful metrics and milestones. Provide a clear line of sight for leaders from the realities of today to the desires for tomorrow.

Live your values.

The best leaders are role models that demonstrate behaviors that reflect core values and translate them into tangible results. We’ll design a strategic plan that will teach your leadership how to lead employees to reflect positive cultural values that translate into productive results.

Rally your team.

Master the art of leveraging organizational culture to elevate your team and the outcomes they produce. We will equip your teams with the tools and know-how to keep your work culture aligned with your organization's cultural goals and values. Fill your people with joy, and keep them marching to the beat of the same drum.

Our Services

Radiant has truly empowered those of us coached to engage in meaningful transformation, to inspire our employees and achieve outcomes far superior than we have previously achieved.

Chief Operating Ofiicer

We serve a broad spectrum of clients ranging from not-for-profit to government to national and global private sector companies. Radiant's depth and breadth of experience benefits every business and the lives within them.


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