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Rachel Levy

Executive Coach


People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou
Rachel Levy

I love the statement ‘Embracing Change… Building Strengths’ - this is the work I am passionate about doing with my clients. I coach from a strengths-based approach, and believe my leaders capable of doing the deep, transformational work that creates positive cascading impacts between leaders and those they interact with. I am known for coaching with my heart and my head – I create space for sharing, celebrating, poking, driving, inquiring , being direct, vulnerable and supportive – all with the purpose of the needs of my client. I consider it a privilege and an honour to be invited into peoples’ lives and to quickly create trusting relationship that exceed expectations. I recently received the following text: “Thank you for your love and support through all of this!! I feel like I won the lottery by meeting you, a priceless connection”.

As a seasoned Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, Rachel is known for her ability to form strong partnerships with her clients and assist leaders in growing their adaptive capacity. As a trusted advisor to executives and senior leaders, Rachel uses her depth and breadth of experience to help her clients gain insights into new possibilities for increased effectiveness. Rachel helps guide her clients through periods of increased complexity and demands to successfully attain their goals, acting as a sounding board and confidant as they undergo and lead change.

Rachel brings over 20 years of progressive senior leadership experience and is accomplished across a wide range of functions. She has developed executive governance models and has implemented learning and development programs impacting thousands of employees nationally. Rachel led the strategy for alliance relationships resulting in partnerships with diverse clients ranging from non-for-profit to financial institutions. Rachel served as a part-time post graduate professor at George Brown College where she loved to bring concepts of Organizational Behaviour to life through interactive facilitation techniques. She has extensive international experience, having lived and/or worked in the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Rachel has helped executives and their teams by:
• Coaching and supporting leaders to successful onboarding in their new positions to maximize their
early life contribution and success in the role
• Supporting Executive Leadership Teams and their management teams to be more effective in their
output, helping move from ‘command and control’ to ‘communicate and collaborate’
• Supporting executive teams in developing clear corporate visions, define compelling purpose and
deliver on their strategic plans
• Creating and facilitating team workshops to develop and sustain a greater level of trust and
collaboration resulting in operational effectiveness
• Enabling personal awareness of scope and impact of actions to yield stronger leaders with greater
cascading positive impact and influence
• Supporting leadership and teams in individual 360 assessments, delivery of results, action planning
and coaching towards development plans aligned to feedback, organizational objectives and personal

Rachel brings the coaching framework alive by supporting International Coach Federation core competencies. She believes that each client has their own ability to change and utilizes coaching as a means for making the invisible visible. Rachel’s coaching specialty areas beyond executive and leadership coaching included career management and development, team building and team development.

Rachel Levy


On the Personal Side

Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister & Friend, avid traveler, recently discovered boot camp workouts, has aspirations to run a half marathon

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