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Dave Kirkconnell

Leadership Coach


Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

John F Kennedy
Dave Kirkconnell

I believe that leadership matters; that purposeful and visionary leadership is necessary for organizational success. That is easily said, but is more and more challenging as our world becomes more complex.
At the same time, I believe that we all have more potential than we realize and that leaders have the ability to meet these challenges.

My purpose is to help leaders reach this potential.

Dave is a sought-after advisor, coach and facilitator for senior leaders and leadership teams.
As a former executive Dave brings real-world, senior level experience to his engagements, allowing him to relate to his clients and ask insightful questions, all in support of their success.
In this increasingly complex world leaders and leadership teams often face problems that appear bigger than their capabilities. Dave helps them navigate this complexity. With coaching, leaders almost always realize they have more capability than they thought. He helps his clients explore what was in the way, why solutions were not available for them, and how they can capture this learning.

Dave is the co-creator of the Real Path Project, a workshop series designed to help leadership teams navigate uncertain landscapes by training them to expand their thinking under pressure. (

Over his career Dave had executive-level roles in Consumer-Packaged Goods, Technology, and Broader Public sectors and served nine years on the Board of Directors at United for Literacy (previously Frontier College), Canada’s national literacy organization.
He recently joined the faculty of The Directors’ College, Canada’s premier provider of board governance training.

Dave is a Chartered Director, has an educational background in Economics and Union-Management Relations, is a trained executive coach, and is certified in several leading-edge leadership and culture tools.
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Dave Kirkconnell


On the Personal Side

An unquenchable thirst for learning/ A golf addict/ Enjoys clever (and not-so-clever) humour/ Fly fishing

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